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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started
Step 1 – Make an account
Click here to create your free Accountex account

Step 2 – Login
Login on the “My Account” page

Step 3 – Browse Programs
Visit the “On-Demand” library and select a program that interests you.

Step 4 – Add a program to your account and start watching!
After selecting a program click the “Watch Now” button.
The video will appear for you to start watching. It will also be added to your account to keep track of what you watched and later review.
Are the presentation slides available to download?
If the speaker provided us with a copy of the presentation slides, they will be available to download. Within the session detail page click the Documents tab and you will see a downloadable PDF.
Can I claim verified CPD credits for your on-demand sessions?

We do not offer verified credits for on-demand sessions but we do provide a certificate of completion so you may claim non-verified CPD credits. To earn verified credits join us in-person at Accountex Canada in Toronto November 5-6 2024.