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NOVEMBER 5-6, 2024 | Metro Toronto Convention Centre


As part of our call for speakers, we are encouraging those who have not presented before to apply to speak at Accountex 2024.
The show is all about sharing ideas, hearing from different people and growing the community. As well as established speakers, we want to give a platform to new voices working in accountancy and finance. Whether you are new to presenting or looking to freshen up your skills, then here are four top tips on how to make your session stand out from the competition.
1. Choose your words
With multiple theatres and almost 30 hours of content – that’s a lot of presentations, so it is important that your session grabs visitors’ attention in the programme. The title should be catchy, clear and concise.
The session summary should highlight exactly what prospective audience members can expect to get out of the session. Make it clear why they should attend. What makes your session exciting? And (bringing us onto our next point) what will they learn?
2. Key takeaways
Think about the key learning points that your audience members will be able to take away with them. What new information will they learn and how can they implement what they’ve learnt in their own work? When submitting your session summary make these points clear so people know what they’ll get out of attending.

3. Live and interactive
We love presentations that are interactive. Not only does it usually make for a more fun and engaging session, interactivity helps learning retention too.
Get your audience involved with the conversation and ask them questions about your topic.
4. Bright and bold
Visual aides can really lift a presentation. Make sure images are big, bright and colourful. The same goes for graphs and charts, make sure they’re eye-catching and bold.
We also recommend limiting your word count on each slide. Less is often more when it comes to presentations, and you want to encourage the audience to listen to you rather than reading the screen!
ACX23_Speaker with audience
Want to speak at Accountex 2024?
Now you have read through these tips, you are ready to apply to speak at the show. The call for speakers for Accountex Canada 2024 (November 5-6, Toronto) is open now. We would love you (and anyone you know who you think would make a great speaker) to submit a presentation for this year’s event. To apply, click below and fill out the speaker application form.